Terms & Conditions


Terms and conditions.

Chapter 1. General rules.

Article 1 (Purpose)
This Agreement aims to stipulate basic matters concerning the conditions and procedures of use of the NRFB (nurifootball.io) service (hereinafter referred to as "this service") provided by Nuri Football Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "company").

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)
The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows.
① Usage contract: A contract concluded between the company and the user in connection with the use of this service.
② Member: A person who has entered into a contract with the company on the use of this service.
③ Member ID: A combination of letters and numbers selected by members and given by the company for the identification of users and the use of this service.
④ Password: A combination of letters and numbers selected by a member to confirm that he/she is a user consistent with the member ID and to protect the member's secret.
⑤ Operator: Person who manages and operates this service in general.
⑥ Suspension: Withholding the use of services for a certain period of time according to certain requirements set by the company among service members.
⑦ Service: The company oversees all other services related to the use of content provided through this service.

Article 3 (Definition of Terms and Conditions)
① These terms and conditions are effective by disclosing them on the service menu and the company's website (nurifootball.io).
② The application period of these terms and conditions is stipulated from the date of membership to the date of cancellation.
③ The company may change these terms and conditions if deemed necessary, and the changed terms and conditions are disclosed on the service screen provided.

Article 4 (Posting and Revision of Terms and Conditions)
① The company posts the contents of these terms and conditions on the initial screen of the company's website (nurifootball.io) to make it easier for members to know.
② The company may amend these terms and conditions to the extent that they do not violate related laws such as the Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection.
③ If the company revises these terms and conditions, the date of application and the reason for the amendment will be specified and announced from [7] days before the effective date of the revised terms and conditions to the day before the date of application. However, if the terms and conditions are amended to unfavorable content to the members, they will be notified separately through e-mail or other electronic means within a certain period of time in addition to the notice.
④ Even though the company clearly indicated that it would be deemed to have expressed its intention if it did not express its intention within 30 days while notifying or notifying the revised terms and conditions, if the member did not express his intention explicitly, the member would be considered to have agreed to the revised terms and conditions.
⑤ Members who do not agree to the revised terms and conditions may terminate the contract.

Article 5 (Application of relevant laws, etc.)
① The company may have separate terms and conditions or policies for paid services and other individual services, and if the contents conflict with these terms and conditions, separate terms and conditions or policies shall prevail.
② Matters not specified in these terms and conditions shall be governed by the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Personal Information Protection, the Framework Act on Electronic Transactions, the Electronic Signature Act, and other relevant laws.

Article 6 (Notification to Members)
① The company may notify its members in a manner appropriate to the e-mail in the service and other individual notices provided by the company, unless otherwise provided in these terms and conditions.
② If the entire member needs to be notified, the company may replace the notice under paragraph (1) by posting it on the website of this service operated by the company for more than 7 days.

Request and accept for use of Chapter 2.

Article 7 (Estitution of a contract for use)
The use contract is established when a user who wants to become a member applies for subscription and the company approves the application.

Article 8 (Application for Use)
① Customers who wish to use this service must fill out and submit an application form in the company's prescribed form or apply online or by other company's designation. However, if the company requests it, necessary documents must be submitted.
② Customers who want to use this service must apply under their real name according to the terms and conditions of each service, and can only sign up with one ID per person. The company must post the main contents of the basic terms and conditions and sign up with the consent of the members. If the service is provided without the consent of the customer, you cannot receive the fee.
③ This service user can only use it under his or her real name, and if the service user and the user are different from the user, the company may request proof to confirm this.

Article 9 (Acceptance of Application for Use)
The company accepts the application for use pursuant to Article 8, approves it, and approves the use of the service according to the company's procedures.

Article 10 (Non-approval and restriction of consent to an application for use)
① The company may not accept applications falling under any of the following subparagraphs, and may terminate the use contract already concluded if it is revealed after approval.
o Case where an application for use is filed differently from the real name of the person.
o Case where a member under the age of 14 applies for use on the resident registration.
o In the case where the contents of the application for use are falsely stated or applied with false documents attached,
o Where an application for use is filed for the purpose of hindering the well-being, order, or customs of society.
o In a case where he/she is registered as a credit delinquent under the Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information.
o In the case of an application for the purpose of abusing information or harming the interests of members,
o In the case where the applicant for use has previously lost his/her membership, and the company does not approve of re-registration as a member.
o In the case where use or commercial use is expected in an abnormal manner other than the services contracted with the company,
② If the application for service use falls under any of the following subparagraphs, the company may not accept it until the reason is resolved.
o In the case where the applicant for use is in arrears with the fee, etc. to be paid to the company,
o If there is no room for service facilities,
o When it is determined that there is a technical problem in providing services.
③ If the company cannot accept or withhold pursuant to the provisions of paragraph (1) or (2), it shall notify the customer who applies.

Article 11 (Given and managed member IDs, etc.)
① If the applicant applies for the member ID in the manner determined by the company and we accept it, the member ID will be given and managed.
o SNS login brings information from the SNS that used to use the member ID.
o Member ID is a combination of English characters and numbers ranging from at least 6 characters to 12 digits, and the first letter must start in English and no special characters and blanks are allowed.
o Member ID is not case sensitive.
o Passwords are used by mixing English characters and numbers from at least 6 to 15 digits.
② All management responsibilities for member IDs and passwords lie with members who own member IDs, and all responsibilities for disadvantages such as careless management or fraudulent use by third parties lie with customers who own member IDs.
③ The company performs all member management tasks, such as charging usage fees, based on the member ID. However, if the company and the customer make a separate agreement, they can perform management tasks in a separate manner.
④ Membership IDs cannot be shared or transferred. If a member shares or transfers the member ID without prior consultation with the company, the company may stop using the member ID.
⑤ Member ID cannot be changed, and if you wish to change your member ID for unavoidable reasons, you can register and use a new ID after applying for withdrawal.

Chapter 3. Use of service.

Article 12 (Property of Rights)
① Copyright and other intellectual property rights related to this service belong to the "company". However, works provided by third parties are excluded according to members' posts or partnership contracts.
② The company grants members only the right to use this service under the conditions set by the company, and members cannot arbitrarily transfer, sell, or provide collateral without following the procedures set forth in these terms and conditions.

Article 13 (Type of members)
① Members are operated as free members.
② Free members are members who can use services except for some paid content among the services provided by the company.

Article 14 (Service hours)
① In principle, this service is provided 24 hours a day 24 hours a year, except in special cases such as business or technical difficulties. However, in the case of A/V and streaming, it depends on the time according to the separate schedule.
② The company can set the available time for each service content, and in this case, the contents will be announced on the website.
③ Notwithstanding the provisions of the above paragraph, the date or time determined by the company may be exceptionally restricted from using the service after specifying the reason and period on the company's website, and may temporarily suspend the service if communication breaks or other significant operational reasons occur. In this case, the company shall notify the members on the website or in the manner prescribed in Article 5, but may notify them later if there are unavoidable reasons that cannot be notified in advance.

Article 15 (Changing the contents of the service)
① The company can change the service according to service operation or technical needs, and if the service content is added, changed, or deleted, the changed service content and the date of change will be announced in advance through the company's website, e-mail, or newsletter.
② The company may suspend or change part or all of the free services, and shall not compensate the members separately unless otherwise specified in the relevant laws and regulations.

Article 16 (withdrawal)
① When a member intends to terminate this service use contract, he or she can withdraw by phone or e-mail on the membership registration page.
② If a member terminates or withdraws from the contract, the company immediately discards all data of the member except for holding member information in accordance with relevant laws and personal information handling policies.

Article 17 (Suspension of service use/Suspension and termination of authority)
① The company may temporarily suspend the member's use of the service in the following cases.
1. In the case where it is inevitable due to construction, such as repair of service facilities, etc.
2. In the case where a key telecommunication business operator suspends the communication service pursuant to relevant laws and regulations,
3. In the case where normal service becomes impossible due to other reasons such as a national emergency, power outage, facility failure, etc.,
②In the event that a member commits any of the following acts, the company suspends or restricts the use of services without prior notice.

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